Wednesday, January 25, 2012

36. Vintage Baby Bibs

Bad Auntie Alert. These bibs are for my newest nephew Max who was a Christmas baby. As you can see, they're a little late. Better late than never though, and I love the way they turned out.

I found a 1.2m square Fiji souvenir table cloth at a thrift store late last year.  The worn soft cotton is the perfect thing for catching those inevitable baby spills.

I wish I'd made some vintage bibs when my own two kids where babies but really, at that stage of my life cutting up an old tablecloth and fashioning it into a bib was the least of my concerns. Which is why these make the perfect gift!

I used a basic bib pattern but they're so simple you could draw one yourself. All you need to do is make a rectangle then round the corners and draw a curve for the neck. I sewed mine right sides together leaving the neckline open so I could turn them out. Then I sewed along the neckline and added some bias binding tape for the ties. Before you turn it out clip the curved edges a bit with some scissors so they sit nicely and don't have bulky corners.

Little Max's Grandma grew up in Fiji and there have always been stories about life in Suva and paintings of Fiji around. So when I saw this fabric I knew where it belonged.



  1. Very cool Becs! Hey I'd like to pass on the The Leibster blogger award to you. It is to be given to Bloggers with less than 200 followers, "Leibster" meaning 'Dearest', 'Beloved' or 'Favourite'. Your blog is certainly one of my favourites :) x Kylie

    1. Oooooh thanks! Perfect excuse to go blog browsing so I can pass it on :)

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