Monday, April 4, 2011

4. Side Table in 1950s Stripe

Time: Under 30 minutes

Cost: Under $20

 We found this outdoor table on the side of the road last year and I decided to make a bedside table for our room out of it. Outdoor tables often have slats of wood on the tops which are perfect for painting in a multi coloured stripe design. The timber is usually quite weathered which I love the look of.

This table took me all of 10 minutes to paint and I love the soft pastel colours on the top.


An old table, size and height to suit your space

Paints. I used Taubmans Paint tubes which are fantastic. They have a sponge applicator on the end of the tube so all you have to do is squeeze and run the sponge along your surface. So easy and no brushes to wash up! Mine were $5 each from Bunnings Warehouse.

Here we go....

Clean your table with a brush or soapy water if it's very dirty. Leave to dry completely before painting.

Set up your painting spot and begin by painting your first slat at one of the outer edges. Keep painting using a pattern of colours. I suggest no more than 3 colours, and try to stick to a similar colour palette. I used three soft pastel colours in lemon, aqua, and mauve that I chose after doing some googling on 1950s homewares.

Easy peasy and loads of fun!

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